Wedding Photography

Artistic Wedding Photographer and videographer based in Surrey, UK. We provide you with the most unique personalized wedding photography and videography experience by looking at the individual couples needs and wants from start to finish and can tailor make packages to suite your every need and want out of your big day with the ambiance you desire whilst creating an art piece with lasting memories which will be cherished for years to come. We cover your engagement, engagements party, couple courting shoots and pre wedding shoots to showcase on your big day. International recognized Photographer and videographer Charles Klue provides personalized wedding photos and video of your day to showcase in a beautiful top of range photo book album.

Model + Glamour Photography

Artistic Model or Glamour Photographer and Videographer in Surrey, UK. Photographers and Videographers working with Modelling agencies to add high quality artistic dimension to your portfolio.

Your portfolio is a true first impression of yourself as a model. A Modelling portfolio will always be the first thing that agencies and clients look at before they even choose to see you in person. We set our standards very high when doing your shoot and make sure that the pictures we take will build a modeling portfolio with an ability to get you potential jobs and get recognized through modelling agencies. Your portfolio will include a variety of different types of photos

Maternity Photography

Maternity Photographer in Surrey, UK. Maternity Photo Shoots done within our Photographic Studio or Outdoor Locations Shoots. Capturing your Pregnancy Photo Shoot through the nurturing side with soft lighting for “mommy to be” and “Daddy to be” by there side

We have Maternity Photo Shoot Packages for new parents, starting from Maternity, Newborn Baby Shoot, 3 month old Baby Shoot, 9 month old Baby down to Toddlers and Kids. The Beauty of life with the glowing radiance of your Maternity showing the love a mother has for her child. The Caring and Nurturing side of you is captured, shown through our Maternity Photography

Newborn Baby Photography

Newborn Baby photographer in Surrey, UK. The ideal time for you to bring your baby to our photographic studio for newborn portraits is within the first ten days of baby’s birth date. For those first two weeks, babies are still very sleepy and curly from being in the womb, and I want to capture all those tiny perfect newborn details for you to always remember. They do grow fast! So its imperative you book newborn shoot as soon as you can. The earlier the better. Newborn Baby Shoot are up to 3 Months old and Baby Shoots from 3 Month to 9 Month old, Toddler and Kids Photo Shoots from 9 Months and up.

Newborn Baby Photography at its cutest.

Family Photography

Family Photographer Surrey, UK

Family Photography capturing the family having fun, being relaxed and enjoying every moment of the Photo Shoot

I call this my “Studio Story” as we take your Family Photographic Studio Photos, ask you to bring objects and props that relate to you and your family. Telling a story about you and your Family and what you enjoy doing together as a Family

Outdoor Location Family Photo Shoots set on the beach with gorgeous sky settings or beautiful gardens

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir and Nude Photographer in Surrey, UK

Keeping Sensual Photography

Artistic Boudoir and Nude photography done beautifully for all woman of all shapes, all ages and all sizes. There is sensuality in every woman, some of you just have to discover it and one way to do that is to do a Boudoir Photo Shoot. You often need to pamper yourself and remind yourself that you are beautiful and gorgeous. What better way to spoil yourself with a Boudoir Photo Shoot in your new lingerie, or a nude photography shoot to celebrate the woman that you are

Fashion Photography

Fashion Photographer Surrey, UK

High End Fashion Photography within our Photographic Studio showcasing Fashion designs with our Model’s

Outdoor Location Fashion Photography in settings where the clothing is presented with Models in a Glamour style that compliments the outfit.

Fashion Photographers capture the latest Fashion with Model’s showcasing the Fashion designers work on the catwalk for Fashion week or new Fashion designers Fashion line.

Fashion Magazine work done.

Corporate + Commercial Photography

Corporate and Commercial Photographer and Videographer in Surrey, UK. Green screen effects within our Photographic studio for editing out backgrounds. Commercial Photography for high end magazine, website, billboard or digital advertising.

Corporate events and functions for all occasions.

Aerial Photography capturing location of businesses or documentary purposes

Photographic Studio Photography

Photographic Studio Photographer Surrey, UK

Family and couple shoots within our studio. Kids love the Studio Story as they have fun playing, eating cake, playing with props and toys, as kids would be “fooling around” acting. Have a fun Photo Shoot in our Photographic Studio with different props and backgrounds. We cater for Green screen effects where you can place yourselves in different Fun Sceneries. Model and Glamour shoots with Z-card Designs. Fashion shoots for all Designers who want Catalog shoots

Keeping Sensual Photography with Boudoir and Nude Photos done beautifully.

Model and Glamour shoot working with Fashion designers