Wedding Photographer and VideographerWedding Photographer and Videographer
Model and Glamour Photographer
Wedding Photographer and Videographer
Model and Glamour Photographer
Newborn Baby Photographer
Newborn Baby Photographer

Hi, I am Charles Klue!

An Artist in many forms for Media

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Charles Klue is an international acclaimed Photographer and Videographer based in Surrey UK. Recognized for his international work, Charles launched Klue Productions which captures a unique and artistic element of photography and videography.

Light created with moving pictures!!!

About me

Photography is Light

What I can do for you

You should also know…

Charles Klue is an Artist!

I studied all the Arts in Technicon. Photography, Video Production, Graphic Design and Art.

I get commissioned to do works of art for various clients and have many pieces of artwork situated in different art galleries all over the world.

Art is light !!!

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